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GlobiFer is on the market since 2013, however, the concept exists since the early 80’s. A Swedish hematologist at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, did research on heme iron, natural iron derived from hemoglobin. His goal was to develop a better alternative for the existing iron supplements. These were and still are poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated. Problems such as gastric pain, nausea, constipation, and vomiting are very common with current standard iron supplements. Heme iron was found to be much better absorbed and showed faster results. Research and development resulted in a fortified heme iron tablet.

In 2011, a partner was sought to optimize the existing formula and commercialize the product, which lead to the foundation of GlobiFer Intl. by Patrick Swolfs in January 2012. After the product was finalized, the necessary documents were prepared in order to obtain a notification dossier. This was received in Belgium in September 2013, allowing export of GlobiFer, GlobiFer plus, and GlobiFer forte to other countries.

Currently, the products are available in 23 countries, a list which is constantly growing. After obtaining the notification, GlobiFer Intl. started investing in their sales- and scientific force to assure further growth in both new and existing markets.


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