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    The portfolio of GlobiFer Intl. contains five products notified as food supplements: GlobiFer forte, GlobiFer forte+, GlobiFer plus, GlobiFer 14mg and GlobiFer. The active ingredient is heme iron present in spray-dried haemoglobin powder. The haemoglobin is obtained from fresh bovine blood.


GlobiFer forte+

To restore the iron and haemoglobin levels to a normal level in situation of iron deficiency, along with a dose of folic acid and vitamin B12

GlobiFer forte

GlobiFer forte is the most effective format for situations in which significant iron deficiency is experienced, guaranteeing a fast improvement.

GlobiFer plus

For maintenance along with a vitamin boost in the form of folic acid.

GlobiFer (14mg)

GlobiFer 14mg is a smaller dosage of GlobiFer forte, developped for countries with lower recommended daily allowance. Also GlobiFer (9mg) is available.

GlobiFer forte

GlobiFer forte

GlobiFer forte is recommended in situations of iron deficiency to restore the iron and haemoglobin to normal levels. It can be used in many fields such as female health, general surgery, gastroenterology, nephrology and cardiology where iron deficiency commonly presents. With only 18mg of elemental iron in each Globifer forte tablet, 2 tablets per day can be taken without experiencing side-effects.

Composition GlobiFer forteContent
Bovine haemoglobin powder enriched with iron sulphate600 mg
Elemental iron18 mg
Nutrification number in Belgium for ®: NUT_AS 2196/1