Target groups

Iron Deficiency

Depending on the region, between 25 to 50% of the people experience iron deficiency. This is a very common problem. Besides the annoying symptoms, people with iron deficiency will also experience a lack of energy, which consequently affects their daily life. Reasons for having an iron shortage might be impaired absorption (e.g. Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc), low intake of iron-rich food (meat, fish, poultry) or blood loss (menstruation, surgery, bleeding).

Iron deficiency can be measured with a simple blood test:

  • Check the haemoglobin level, which should be at least 12 g/dl for woman and not less than 13g/dl for men.
  • Check the ferritin which is optimal at a level of minimum 100 ug/L.

It is important to take the necessary measures against a low iron level as it may evolve into iron deficiency anaemia (IDA), which is a disease that may be dangerous for the patient. To reach the recommended level of iron, GlobiFer is a reliable and reproducible method of ensuring normal iron levels and preventing iron deficiency.